"Oh, the places you’ll go" – Dr. Seuss

Here’s a quick summary of a few places I’ve seen in New Zealand. There are more places, but they will be explored later 😀
For the first few weeks, I stayed at Muriwai Beach, which is about 40 minutes of Auckland, one of the main cities in New Zealand, on the west coast. Before arriving at the coast you drive through hills and see hundreds of sheeps relaxing; seeing this this type of scenery is typical here. Muriwai is a spot for surfers who want a rougher beach, and not really a great place to swim unless it is being patrolled. But it is still a very beautiful place to see.
Muriwai Beach; a picture I took on the first day here
Here you can get a spectacular view of the Takapu Refuge Gannet Colony. Once these birds hatch they prepare for their flight to Australia where they find a mate, and head back to this spot to stay for the rest of their life.
Takapu Refuge Gannet Colony
About 45 minutes North of Auckland there is a tiny town called Leigh on the east coast of New Zealand. In one line everything in this town can be summed up: a wharf for fishermen, Matheson Bay, Leigh Sawmill Pub, and Pakiri Beach which is about 10 minutes from Leigh.
Matheson Bay
Then my journey to Northland began. New Zealand is separated into different sections like Northland, Hawkes Bay, Wellington etc. These sections can be equivalent as states in America. The first stop in Northland was a little village called Taheke. The closest town is about 10 minutes away. If you blink, you might miss the town while you’re driving. A typical Wednesday night at the local pub started with a quiz competition then ended with karaoke until the wee hours of morning.
Taheke Tavern a gather place for the locals
A few days were spent camping around Northland. The first spot was Matauri Bay; a tribute to Rainbow Warrior is here. Rainbow Warrior, a Greenpeace flagship, was headed to protest against France for nuclear testing. However, two mines were set to make sure the boat didn’t get there by a few French agents. Causing a Greenpeace photographer to die after the second explosion, and the two French agents were sentenced to 10 years of prison pleading manslaughter. France was upset with this so threatened New Zealand an embargo on their goods, but a deal was made and eventually France paid $13 million to New Zealand and apologized for the agents. France also had to pay about $8 million to Greenpeace for repairs. There is a sculpture in tribute of this ship. A ferry was used to cross to Russell, and about 40 minutes from this town there is another isolated bay called Rawhiti Bay.
Matauri Bay
Tribute to Rainbow Warrior

After camping we headed down to Kerikeri near the Bay of Islands; Kerikeri means “dig-dig”. The nice fertile land here makes it a popular place for orchards and vineyards. At the place we stayed at we were able to see across the Bay of Islands to Russell. If you look at the map, you can see how is it a semi-circle; so it’s easy to Near Kerikeri there was a cute little town called Paihia. Paihia is a very historical place because there is where 43 Maori chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi with the British colony. Near the town is Haruru
Bay of Islands
These are just a few of the places I’ve been able to explore so far.
Here’s some more pictures of each place if you want to see more of them:
Muriwai and Leigh

Let me know what you think

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