Who doesn’t enjoy some good toilets?

A toilet is very special place because you meditate in a toilet. Like a church. The similarity is not so far fetched.”Frederick Hundertwasser.
Hundertwasser was a famous Austrian-born artist who helped put the tiny town Kawakawa on the map and become a famous tourist attraction because of their toilets. In the 1970s, Hundertwasser visited New Zealand for a few months; he enjoyed it so much here that he bought some land near the Waikare Inlet and stayed most of his time here until he died in 2000.
In 1998, the Kawakawa Community Board wanted to renovate their public toilets. This is when Hundertwasser said he would construct an artwork. In all of his artwork, he was against using straight lines, and liked to use recycled material as well. Different ceramic tiles were used through out the structure. His finish product consisted of the following materials: gold balls, ceramic tiles, bottle glass windows, mosaic tiling, copper handwork, cobblestone flooring, individual sculptures. In the picture, you can see his intriguing design. This is the only artwork from Hundertwasser in the Southern Hemisphere, and one he spent a lot of time on. Another pro about this place is that they are free to use!
View of the bathroom
 More picture of the Hundertwasser Toilets


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