Cape Reinga

Sorry, I haven’t updated in a while, but it has been a little busy here. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a wonderful New Year!! J
At the end of September I was able to visit one of the furthest points North in New Zealand: Cape Regina. Another reason this is a special spot in New Zealand is because the Tasman Sea on the west and Pacific Ocean on the east collide at this point. If you look close enough, you might be able to see the different waves from the waters. The Māoris, the natives of New Zealand, say the meeting of the waters are also the meeting of a male and female body of waters; they call this collision Te Moana-a-Rehua, the sea of Rehua with Te Tai-o-Whitirea, the sea of Whitirea.“Regina” means underworld, and according to Māori history, this is the place where spirits enter for after life. To read more about the cape’s history here is a link: by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation.) As you will see in the pictures there is a lighthouse that was built in 1941.
While we were near Cape Regina, my friend and I walked on the Pandora Trail; about a 4-hour track if you don’t linger too long. This is provided by their Department of Conservation. We found a little spring to enjoy our lunch, and walked along a secluded beach. Sometimes the path was not labeled, so we got lost a few times; but it was still a great trail to see.


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