What’s up, D.O.C?

A DOC sign for Cape Kidnappers

It’s not the Bugs Bunny DOC that you’re thinking of. Department of Conservation. Scattered throughout New Zealand you’ll see these distinguished green and yellow signs. Ones that I came to know and love.

You can think of them as a free guide to see the natural side of New Zealand. The goal of DOC is to converse the nature, and make it recreational for tourist. Which I think is brilliant! You’ll be driving around the mountains, and see a sign that there’s a waterfall or a beautiful scenario.  

New Zealand also has many days walks as well. DOC created these tracks with huts along the way. You go online. Search which track you want.  You can read what you’ll see on the track, how intense it is, how many days it will take, and you can book a bed in the hut or you can book for a tent too. This is just a quick brief information about them. To really see what they offer check out their website.

Outside one of the huts in on the Tongariro Circuit

During one of my Helpx, we stayed with a lady worked with DOC. So we had the opportunity to volunteer with them on day. That we cleared an area of some dead trees, fixed some fences, repainted the bathrooms, and other maintenance jobs that need to be done. It was really cool to see how much they cared for the upkeep of their land. Another day she had to work up North to Cape Regina to kill some weeds; so we we’re able to go with her and do a 4 hour walk provided by DOC. It was a very nice walk even if we got lost along the way.

Volunteering with DOC in Northland

Another nice thing that DOC offers is random campsites throughout New Zealand. If you have a camper van, you can stay at these sites for $5. All provide a toilet and running water (it’s best to boil the water before usage just in case), but some may offer more amenities but these also cost a little more. But it’s cheaper than staying at a hostel.

So if you’re in New Zealand keep a look out for these signs for a free look at mother nature 🙂

Dang now I miss NZ….


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