Tongariro National Park

One of my favorite places that I visited in New Zealand is the Tongariro National Park. Thanks to DOC, they have helped reserved this place. It is the oldest national park in New Zealand, and it has been acknowledge by UNESCO as a World Heritage Spot. These are different places throughout the world that offer a cultural or physical significant. For example, the Grand Canyon and Venice, Italy are part of the list. I know the list consists of hundreds of places; something to research more because it’s really interesting

Mount Tongariro

But this is definitely a place that should be seen. It’s surrounded by 3 active volcanoes: Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro.  And near it is Lake Taupo; New Zealand’s largest lake. Believe me it’s worth the view when you drive into town and see Lake Tapou with the Tongario National Park in the back. It’s too hard to describe in words the magnificence views in the park. Most people do the Tongario Crossing which is about an 8 hour walk to see the main parts for the park, but I did something else with some friends.

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the park 3 times. Once in October for a day walk then twice in February. The first time was for a 3 day circuit walk. Thanks to the huts provided by DOC. I am not going to lie; it was hard, BUT totally worth it! (it was also my first time walking this long with a bag pack) And it’s sparked my interest in walking more. The first day it was just walking through the fields towards the mountains. I think it was a 4 or 5 hour walk. The second day was when we saw everything. There are the Emerald Lakes which have a rich turquoise color, the Red Crater, and the summit of Tongariro. These are just a few highlights of the trip. And the last day was just a 3 hour walk to leave the Park. During the walk we heard a random explosion, and we thought one of the volcanoes went off we were so excited. But to our disappointment when we arrived at the hut, the ranger informed us that the Singapore Army was training somewhere near by. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, this is the area where Mordor and Mount Doom were filmed. Maybe you’ll be able to recognize it ? A week later we returned to the park and climbed Mount Ruapehu. It’s not really a common walk to do, but we wanted to try it. We were walking with some friends, but fog randomly came in, and my friend and I got separated from our group. And we realized how it was considered dangerous. (we also realized that we’re not the best at walking and talking cause if we don’t focus it’s easy to take a wrong turn) In the winter time, it’s a very popular ski spot.

Hopefully, these pictures will get you interested to visit or interested to take a walk somewhere to see what could be there:

The warning we had for our 3 day walk
One of the Emerald Lakes
Mt. Ngauruhoe and Mt. Tongariro
The lakes and I think this is Mordor from LOTR?
One of the huts we stayed at

These are just a few pictures. To view more pictures:  Tongario National Park

If you ever visited, let me know what you thought of it!


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