Mirror Lake

Located near the Fox and Franz Josef Glacier in the South Island is a little lake called Lake Matheson. The nickname for this lake is Mirror Lake, and by looking at the picture you can tell why. It’s not a highlighted spot “must” spot in my Lonely Planet Guide, but I personally think it’s a breathtaking view. We were lucky enough to get the million dollar shot on a fine, clear day.

Lake Matheson

I wish I could say that picture was photoshopped, but it’s not. Reflected are the southern apps along with one of the glaciers. There is an hour and half walk around the lake (again thanks to D.O.C) And on this walk is takes you to the best places to get the “prefect reflection shot”.

The view of the lake

I think my favorite thing I saw was a few random blue mushrooms  in the woods. Can we say home of Smurfs?

We came across some interesting wildlife
Another blue mushroom

So if you’re headed to South Island, and you’re near the Glaciers this is a good little detour to take. It is totally worth it if you have a sunny clear day. There is also a little cafe near the lake if you just want to sit and see the Southern Apps.

I hope this encourages to explore! Bon Voyage!!

This looks like a painting