So you ate what in New Zealand?

For some odd reason this was a very common question I was asked by my friends and family back home. I’m not sure why, but this is a pre-misconception about New Zealand. I did not eat leaves and dirt…. So I’m going to show some of the foods I ate. These are a mixture of home made meals, and meals when we would go out to eat. We usually cooked a lot more (which I loved) because eating out was too expensive. Hope you enjoy it!!

Home made pizza from a stone oven. The best combination is mushroom and blue cheese.. sounds gross BUT it’s really good
Home cooked lamb rack. First time eating this and it was delicious !!!
A steak I made with some fresh fries
McDonalds Lamb Burger
The famous “meat pie”. A to go pie I fell in love with
I learned how to bake some home made lemon muffins 🙂
Mussels, salad and fries
A home made cake with home made icing I made for someone’s birthday. Didn’t taste bad, just a little misshaped
My FIRST Burrito in New Zealand. They are not big on Mexican food which I missed a lot…

*New Zealand is not too big on Mexican food, so fill up on your Chipolte fix while you’re still in the states

We forgot lunch one day, so our co-workers gave us some curry. Fell in love with Indian food 🙂
This was the size of their watermelons. If you’re from the states, then you’re use to huge ones.
Some steak from a nice cafe in Motueka. I wish I could remember the name because it had good food and decent prices as well.
Another new love I formed. Eggs Benedict and Chai Tea Latte
Sometimes we just needed something sweet
My love for making bread started
2nd time we had Mexican food
They have Dim Sum there
Cooking some fried rice for our dinner

I hope this helps anyone who was wondering what they ate in New Zealand. Basically they eat the same stuff as us. Nothing was too different. So I hope this encourages you to go out travel to another country and try their food 🙂 Or to try a new dish at your favorite restaurant!! Bon appetite !!

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien


2 thoughts on “So you ate what in New Zealand?

  1. Trying new foods and seasonal produce is half of the fun of travelling. Glad you enjoyed the food and the opportunity to cook while you were in New Zealand.

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