Why I Love the Ocean…

Standing at Spirit Bay near Cape Reinga

I absolutely LOVE the ocean. My favorite part is smelling the ocean before you even see it. You know that salty smell with a mixture of fish? I just love it! And then when you’re driving and the ocean horizon finally comes into view; you know you’ve arrived.  What I really love is what is stated in the song I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack :

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean” – Lee Ann Womack

The whole is really inspiring; if you have a few minutes to listen to it I think it’s worth it. (it’s a country song made in 2000, so if you don’t like country this may not be your cup of tea)

There’s something about standing next to the ocean, and  how it puts everything in perspective. For me it makes me realize there’s so much out there that I want to learn and know. I think about the past, and how this is the same ocean that was used hundreds of years ago to explore new places. There’s still so much about the ocean that we’re trying to learn today. Space has the same affect on me as well. I love looking at the night sky, and thinking that someone in another  country is seeing the same thing as I am. Or that they used the stars to negative their explorations in the past. I know some people may think, “O it’s just the ocean or it’s just stars.” But for me they are inspirations to live life. I hope this inspires you, and to appreciate mother nature and go out to explore her what she has to offer!

Does anyone else do this? But maybe with something else from nature?