Wellington, New Zealand: “Coolest Little Capital in the World”

This is my first post about a city in New Zealand, and to be honest it’s because the cities there are… eh. Now don’t get me wrong I will LOVE New Zealand until the day I die, but I don’t love their city life that much. (I personally think if you’re going to New Zealand their natural scenery is much better, but that’s my opinion) And Ok so I haven’t been to ALL the capitals in the world, but in 2011 Lonely Planet voted Wellington as the Coolest Little Capital in the world. And I agree with them 100%. First off, it’s in a harbor . ( I love anything with the ocean) And it’s surrounded by cute hillsides which give it this picturesque view with the ocean and hills. I also don’t enjoy the city life that much. But I can say I LOVED Wellington. Unfortunately, we only stayed there for a few days. I think 4 days? I just remember that we took the ferry to the South Island on my birthday.

But for those few days we were there, it was love at first sight, and as I explored it more a deeper connection formed. The backpackers there are expensive not going to lie. We booked a pretty cheap one (compared to the other backpackers there), but let’s say we got what we paid for. I can’t remember the name, but we all agreed it was the worst backpackers we ever stayed at. The kitchen was always busy and dirty; it just had a sketchy vibe about it. Ok, enough about the backpackers. Let’s talk about the city it self.  It’s not a very big city; I walked to the US Embassy on the other, and I think it took me 45 minutes. (I tried to take a picture, but security came out yelling at me not to)

What Wellington has to offer:  

Wellington’s Botanic Garden
  • Botanic Garden that you can visit for free. And if all the flowers are bloomed it’s worth a little stroll. We were there in February, so the garden was a magnificent site to see
The giants from The Hobbit
  • There’s also the Te papa Museum which is New Zealand’s national museum, and if you go there you will see why. To read all the information, it would take at least 2 days. There’s an earthquake simulation, Maori artifacts, and it’s interactive; just a few things it offers. Best part is FREE admission (I’m always about the free stuff) Te Papa Tongarewa can “loosely translate to Treasure Box” according to Lonely Planet. So if you get the chance, this would be a nice spot to visit

    The cable car
  • There’s a little Cable car that goes up a slope in Wellington. It cost $6 to ride this. It’s one of those things if you have the time it’s something interesting to do. It reminds me of Full House and just look at the view 🙂

    The Parliament House aka the Beehive
  • The Parliament House is also located in Wellington. We didn’t go inside, but the outside is very interesting. Known as the Beehive.

    A random slide in Wellington (as I go down)
  • Next to the pier is a random park and this cool looking slide was there. I had to test it out ha
    Another harbor view 🙂

    These are just a few things that Wellington has to offer. There’s museums, shops, cafes, bars etc. I mean it’s no NYC, but I loved it. As I said I am not a city person, so this is just the “right” size for me. Just a little taste of the “Coolest Little Capital in the World” 🙂 Hope this motives you to see the world and Bon Voyage everyone!

    If you’ve been to Wellington, what would you recommend to see? Or just any tips in general?