Last Christmas…

Last Christmas was definitely a memorable one; I wasn’t state side with the family. I’ve already been in New Zealand for about 4 months which was hard to believe. And around this time I started missing the family, and with the holidays it made it even harder. With the warm weather is was not the holidays at all….

But as the saying goes “home is where the heart is” During this time, I was staying in Hastings doing some apple thinning. I was renting a flat with people from France, Germany, and 3 Czech Republics. We decided to have our own little Christmas.

Our christmas tree 🙂

One of the guys from Czech went out, and brought in this branch and said this would be our tree. We agreed it would be prefect. The next part was what to do for presents. My friend from Germany and I explained to everyone “white elephant”. It’s where you buy a gift for no one particular. You usually spend $5 or less on the gift; and it’s usually something random or silly. Then everyone goes around picking one present, but as the gifts are revealed people are able to steal them which is where the fun part begins. Well, there was a miscommunication, and some people thought we were suppose to buy 3 gifts; so we ended up having a little more gifts which made it even more interesting 🙂

I got some straw glasses and some grow in the water animals 🙂
The Czech couple offered to make a wonderful dinner for us 🙂 There was more food, but I must of forgotten to take the pictures

If you find yourself with the holiday blues while you are traveling, it’s never to hard to create some new memories with some new people from around the world 🙂  Happy Holidays everyone!! Who knows maybe next year you’ll be spending your holidays in another country with some new friends! Bon Voyage!

If you spent the holidays aboard, what did you do?


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