Hastings, New Zealand

Since it’s still the holidays, this weeks travel spot is: Hastings in Hawke’s Bay. It’s where I spent my holidays last year. What can I say about this town?  It’s located on the East Coast of the North Island. I spent almost 3 months working here. As I posted earlier about towns and cities in New Zealand, don’t expect an NYC. If I would have to choose a word to describe Hastings; it would be quaint. Actually, I would use this word to describe most of New Zealand’s towns except for their major cities.  But I think the people I stayed with made it feel like home. (like when we celebrated Christmas together)

A taste of Hastings:

  • The city center of Hastings
    The city center
    The rail road that runs through the city center


  • Te Mata Peak is a nice lookout view over Hawkes Bay. There’s a few different walks here: ranging from thirty minutes to two hours

  • The Rotten Apple Backpackers. This is a great hostel to stay at. One of the great things they do is help you find a seasonal job. They also have weekly rates. We actually didn’t stay at the hostel because their wasn’t in room, so we were put in a house which some people. And I think this was much better.
    Rotten Apples
  • Hastings City Art Gallery. There is a nice little Art gallery in Hastings. The best part is that it changes, so the same art won’t always be there. These are a few pieces that I saw while I was there.
  • Hastings Farmers Market. Sunday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. I just adore farmer markets.

    The Farmers market with the best FRESH Blueberry ice cream I’ve ever tasted
  • And the lovely Ocean Beach. About 30 minutes away from Hastings

This is a list of the main things Hastings has to offer.I hope this encourages you to stop here and check it out for a day if you’re in New Zealand. Bon Voyage!!


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