The Theme for 2014: “It is necessary to taste the vinegar, to appreciate the honey”

Since it’s the new year, I thought a motivational post would be necessary. I know it’s “cliche”; everybody will probably write that this year is a NEW year which means a NEW YOU!! And give tips on how to accomplish your New Years resolution. Whether it be eat healthier,  work out more, be more optimistic,  etc. But I wanted  to write it from the other prospective. And you’ll see what I mean by the end of this (well I hope you do)

To begin, let’s talk about the title of this post. AKA the quote:

It is necessary to taste the vinegar, to appreciate the honey.

While I was traveling in New Zealand, someone told me this quote. At first I gave him a confused looked, and said why are you talking about vinegar and honey?  But after talking about it for a while it’s true and it makes sense. But here’s the thing I don’t thing the vinegar has to be a bad thing [personally I  enjoy salt and vinegar chips] Yes, when you go through this struggle it may be seem hard, but you know it will be worth it in the end.

So a couple months ago, my friend shared a post from the Huffington Post titled The Most Important Question You can ask Yourself Today. If you don’t read it, here’s a quick synopsis of the article. The writer starts by saying that it’s very easy for us to say what we want out of life. The answer is usually happiness; that happiness may come from having your own family or starting your own business.  For myself, it’s wanting to travel and to live an unpredictable life right now. (Down the road it will be to start a family, but who knows how soon that road will be. Next year or five years?) Anyways he continues and asked an important and interesting question “what pain do you want?” I think this is a better way to look at what you really want in life.

For example, I want to run a marathon. But I know I can’t attend the day of the marathon and start running. Unless I plan to just run 40 minutes and pass out. So am I willing to suffer the pain of training for it and eating healthier? Yes, I am because it is something I want to accomplish. Also I want to learn a new language. Am I willing to go through the frustration of not understanding why their grammar is different or not being able to pronounce their words right. Am I willing to put the time and effort it takes to learn a new language? Yes, I am because it is another thing that would bring me happiness. As for traveling, am I willing to live out of a backpack for year? Go to a new country alone? Maybe spend a week without a shower or eat the same meal every night. Knowing I will probably never be a millionaire. Absolutely, I am willing to go through this to see the world; all these things would bring the happiness I want. Would I want to go back to graduate school and study a for a few more years for a degree that I am not sure I will use while adding to my student loans? No, I am not willing to go though that. (Well not right now) But the point is I would NOT be willing to put the hours into more schooling and the money. So going back to school is not something I want to do right now. Who knows down the road I may change my mind.

The idea is to be willing to go through this suffering or I guess you can say to enjoy the taste of the vinegar. It won’t be the same for everyone. What I listed as what I am willing to suffer for you may think is completely crazy. And I may not be willing to go through what you want to bring happiness. But it’s ok because we’re not all meant to live the same life.

I just know once you grow through this you will appreciate what you’re doing much more, and that honey will taste like the best honey in the world. So I ask all of you for the New Year, what vinegar will you be willing to taste for 2014?

Happy New  Years !!

*The featured photo is not mine; I found it from Vegan Bits