Queenstown, New Zealand

In the South Island of New Zealand, is located on of my favorite little cities: Queenstown. It’s a small town with a big city vibe. It is consider the “adrenaline” city of New Zealand because there are many tourist actives you can enjoy: from bungy jumping, white water rafting, skydiving  the list goes on for extreme actives. Yes, it is a very tourist city so I’m giving a warning. Don’t be surprise if you spend a lot of money. We only stayed here for 2  days because we didn’t want to spend to much money here and touristic places are not really my thing. The only touristic thing we did here was eat at Fergburger which offers a massive hamburger for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of that amazing meal; to be honest not that many pictures were taken here.

So if I don’t like touristic places, why do I like Queenstown? I LOVE the location of it. It’s next to Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by the mountains. And the vibe that it gives off. But I would say for myself 2 days was enough. Well I hope this travel spot gives you some motivation!!  Bon Voyage!

*Warning: They are sticklers on Freedom Camping around this area because it is very popular here. I know some people who were fined $200 because they were camped in a restricted area. So double check where you are and pay for your camping spot!