Fox and Franz Josef Glaceris

Where in the world can you find glaciers that have some sub-tropical forests and the ocean so close to them? Only in New Zealand. Yet, again another reason to love it. This is a “tourist” spot, so don’t be surprise when it’s packed. It’s very interesting to see these glaciers so close. Located in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park are Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers  in the South Island. Located near the glaciers is Lake Matheson; another nice stop.

One of my favorite part was the signs that showed how much the glacier has moved; it’s crazy to think that hundred of years ago the glaciers were closer to the ocean than they are today. There is an opportunity to walk on them but you have to pay. However, thanks to DOC there’s a 30 minute walk to each glaciers. Warning signs are posted to not go past a certain point; they are there for a reason. So don’t be dumb and try to past them. A couple years ago some visitors decided to past the point and wrong time and wrong place and a part fell of the glacier fell on them. It may be one in a million chance, but it’s not a risk worth taking. When we visited it was a little cloudy, so the pictures aren’t that great.

I hope this inspires to try and see a glacier! Bon Voyage!

*I am not going to lie; I am not sure which is which glacier. So I just going to post pictures of both of them

I want to say this is the Franz Josef Glacier
Ranger Roy telling me to not go past that point

I think this is Fox Glacier
The Warning sign


Let me know what you think

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