Does this classify me as a creeper?

Most people probably HATE airports. The hustle and bustle of people as you try to find the correct gate. I on the other love airports. I enjoy the rush, and I also enjoy knowing the destination that awaits after the flight. Hoping that my luggage doesn’t get lost, or there won’t be an issues at security. Browsing through the over priced shops, or debating if I should get something at the duty-free shop just so I don’t need to pay taxes.

But there is something else that I really relish in. I love knowing that every person there has a story. It could be from reuniting with love ones, or leaving behind a loved one to start a new chapter in life. They could be on their first business trip or on a family vacation. Airports are just full of emotions and I love that. I don’t know why.

As I sit here waiting for my next flight, I am enjoying my time people watching. I like to make up a random story of a person. Like that person is leaving what they knew behind them to start a new adventure, or she’s gong to see her family after being away for a few years. Does this classify me as a creeper? Am I the only who does this? Maybe the people next to me our doing the same thing. Looking at me and thinking where is this girl going? And why is she awkwardly staring at everyone?  I know this is a random thought, but I have some time to kill before I am off. Well I hope this makes  you think that airports aren’t always that bad, and maybe book a flight somewhere to see what I mean. Bon Voyage! 


Let me know what you think

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