International Driving Permit

I am excited to say I got my International Driving Permit in preparation for Australia!! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Because we don’t have to get it from the government. You know we all love red tape…

  • Find you local AAA office. (AAA is American Automobile Association)  I think you can obtain a permit from another place, but I am not sure from where.
  • It will cost $15 for the permit and another $12 for a passport size photo. *If you are a member of AAA, it will cost $7 for the passport photo
  • The best part it only takes a few minutes to complete! Just bring your license, and they do the rest for you.

I was greeted by one of the nicest lady I’ve met since I’ve been home. As she over loaded me with other information about foreign currency, the new luggage that just arrived, and maps it arose my inner traveler and I can not wait to fly off!!

I am not sure a drivers permit is needed for Australia, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I read somewhere that you can use ours for 6 months, but then you have to get one from Australia. But I am not sure of how much of that is true. So to save a headache I obtained one just in case. Well happy traveling! I hope this helps you get an international driving permit or encourages you to want to get one for your travels. Bon voyage!

Please disregard the photo; I didn’t check the photo till I left. I felt like I did when I was getting my photo for my 21st birthday!