Date a Traveler

In honor of the Hallmark Holiday, I thought a post about some kind of love would be needed. It’s not I don’t like Valentines Day; I just don’t like the thought that one day needs to be special. Everyday needs to be filled with appreciation. But I want to give reasons why to date someone who travels. I found these two articles for each gender. Two well written articles, and worth the time to read.

For the Ladies:

For the Fellows:

I wrote a post about my thoughts on Love Aboard. After I went home for a while, I talked to some guys. But I didn’t really connect with them. Which is why a traveler would fit my life style now; and not just now, but there are skills they learn that I think is useful for the future. So here are my reasonings for dating a traveler; you may agree or disagree it’s up to your discretion.

Dating a traveler means getting excited over a National Geographic or Lonely Planet together. But it doesn’t have to be the newest edition of a travel book because he or she knows it’s just a “guide”. Or an article of the top 100 places to see before you die, and actually plan on seeing them.

Dating a traveler means they know how to appreciate a sunset or sunrise. And he or she will be willing to get up extra early to catch that perfect moment on camera. Which means to me he or she will want to live everyday to the fullest, and take nothing for granted.

Dating a traveler means he or she will know how to live off what is essential. Because when you are backpacking you only carry what you really need on the road. So when it comes to settling down he or she will know the difference between needs vs wants. I personally don’t want a big big house. They kind of freak me out. I want a house where we are living comfortably not too small or too big.

Dating a traveler means you will be with some who is willing to plan, but go with the flow as well. When you’re backpacking things don’t always go your way.  You will plan your best, but some times unexpected things will happen. Instead of freaking out he or she will help you make lemonade from those life lemons.

Dating a traveler means that he or she will know how to budget. Because if you’ve been on the road with little money you know when an item is needed and when something is not. So that person will know to use their money wisely.

Dating a traveler means exploring something new places with this persona and creating new memories. It doesn’t have to be a foreign country you two explore together, but you know that both of you are willing to go explore.

Dating a traveler means he or she won’t be judgmental on things and want to try and learn new cultures. They will probably have an open mind. For instances, both of you will be excited to try a new place for dinner, and it’s exciting to know that your partner wants to try it as well. Instead of making sure he or she is happy with the different restaurant you choose for the night.

Dating a traveler means awkward silences aren’t awkward. Well this is if you’ve traveled together. You both know you can appreciate something in silence together. Whether it be a sunset, a natural site etc and both of you just stand there in awe. And no words need to be said. You can both just feel it.

Dating a traveler means they are probably a good story teller because they tell people what kind of escapades they’ve been through. And you’ll probably want to hear their stories, so you’ll never be bored.

Dating a traveler means they can probably think on their feet quick.

Dating a traveler means they are probably creative. For instances, when you’re camping you only have the resources you’ve brought with you. So sometimes some creativity is needed.

Dating a traveler means you can talk about traveling of course! Where you both would like to go and how you plan to do that. Cause I found it hard to talk about traveling without sounding too over bearing or crazy. But when someone feels the same it won’t feel over bearing at all.

Dating a traveler means going into the unknown weather it be a new country or future together with an open mind. And letting whatever happens happen. C’est la vie!

BUT with that being said. I say date someone who wants to make you be a better person. Who wants to make you to explore life. Someone who awakens your soul. Who wants to make you reach for more, and appreciates you as much as you appreciate them. Someone who makes you believe that the impossible is possible. And when you’re together it feels natural and not forced. And for me this has been a traveler.  Some people may say, but you’ve only had one serious person. I know and I think there was a reason for that because nobody has fulfilled those feelings till I met this person. For you it may be someone else. It may be a musician, a magician, a dancer, a doctor etc for me it was a traveler that seemed to fulfill that passion. So date who YOU want!! And ladies and gentlemen this is why I enjoy dating a traveler. Hope this encourages to not settle for anything less than you deserve 🙂

Happy Early Valentines Day!