Stranger Danger

Ah, a topic that everyone asks when I told them I went New Zealand or that I am planning to go to Australia. “Isn’t this dangerous?”

Here’s what I think. Can’t the same issue happen any where in the world? I’ve never felt any real danger in New Zealand. The only danger I felt was would I survive fruit picking. Even after falling off my later, I still did.  So here’s some things I’ve experienced:

  • During college, I lived in Columbus, Ohio about 1 and a half away from my home town. And during that time my car was broken into. Thanks again who ever busted my window, greatly appreciated….
  • I’m pretty sure my freshmen year while I was in my dorm room I heard some things “go down”. I heard a lot of shouting, and maybe I am being dramatic, but it sounded like some gun shots as well. So I just laid awkwardly in bed hoping it stopped soon.
  • In my junior year, someone tried to break into our house.
  • There was a time when we kept getting crime alerts from the University about people getting attacked at night while walking home alone from the library. It wasn’t just a one time occurrence; there were multiple attacks.
  • My friend and I were the subjects of a hit and run. Thankfully, he wasn’t going fast, so no one was hurt
  • And I’m pretty sure I was roofied at a party (sorry mom and dad, remember when I said I went to the emergency room for food poising… yea, that wasn’t true)

These are a list of things that happened to me while I was in my OWN country and only 1 an half hour away from my own town; from my parents family and my friends lived with me. Never once in New Zealand did I encounter any of these situations. So when people say isn’t traveling dangerous I respond with those examples above. Isn’t everywhere dangerous?

Here’s another question I get asked, “what if you meet someone dangerous?” And I answer the same way, can’t the same thing happen to me while I am here in the states? The person I work with could be a druggie or mass murder for all I know. ( I know those are extreme cases) But it seems like everyone thinks everyone aboard will kidnap travelers. I enjoyed the movie Taken, but if I had a dollar for every time I heard that reference… And in Ohio (my own state)  Ariel Castro kidnapped those women, and kept them locked for 10 years. If there’s a movie made about that, will people have such a negative thought about Ohio? And I personally don’t think so because I think people like to use traveling being dangerous as an excuse not travel. Which is sad to me, because if he or she goes out there and travel. You will see there are some pretty wonderful people other with different cultures to experiences.

Granted, you can’t travel around like your invisible either. If I could give two traveling tips here’s what they would be:

  1. Use COMMON SENSE. You wouldn’t get so wasted back home, and then walk in a dark alley alone at night. Would you? Then why would you do it in a foreign country? I know when you’re aboard  and it’s about trying new things, but this isn’t a new thing to try. Would you use racial slurs in your own country? I hope not, so why would you start aboard? If you wouldn’t do it at home, why would do it aboard? And with your common sense I hope you know what is appropriate and what is not.
  2. Learn/Respect the culture You don’t need to be a book worm, and know every little detail. But if you have an idea about some of their costume this can help you. And while you’re there you can learn about their culture, and respect them because that is how their countries does it. 

NoMadic Matt who’s travelled so much more than myself wrote a wonderful article.

Tips for traveling in “dangerous” places

But I hope this encourages you and makes you think about traveling; how it’s not as dangerous as you may think it may be. Because danger can happen anywhere in world. But again be smart. As I stated before, If you wouldn’t do it back in your own country, why would you want to it in this new country? Bon Voyage! 


One thought on “Stranger Danger

  1. It’s extremely dangerous. It sweeps you away, implants itself into your heart, and stays there forever. You’ll never get rid of the longing to go back. Yes, it is dangerous. 🙂

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