My Love: Sunrises and Sunsets

If you asked what is one of my favorite things to do, I would say to catch a sunrise or sunset. (I’ve caught more sunsets than sunrises.) I am willing to get up earlier enough or climb a mountain to catch a wonderful view of the sunrise or sunset set. I love seeing them because they make me think and reflect about the day. It helps me appreciate the wonderful day I just had , and that another wonderful day is ahead of me. What else is it about them that I love? The colors that’s created in the sky. Sometimes it looks like a painting.Watching them with a nice cold glass of beer isn’t a bad thing either. This was on of my favorite parts about traveling, and what’s better is catching one unexpectedly. I know that doesn’t make sense. For instances, when you’re out at the beach all day and the time just passes by. Maybe you didn’t plan to spend the whole day there, and all of a sudden dusk is approaching. And voilà you caught you’re sunset. Or the moments you’re out late with your friends hanging talking. It’s almost 4 in the morning, so instead of sleeping you all suggest to watch the sunrise.

I hope this encourages to want to catch a sunrise or a sunset while traveling! Bon Voyage!

Here’s some of my favorites I’ve seen:

I like the contrast of the colors in Kerikeri Bay, New Zealand; this was a sunrise
The ripples and the shadow of the duck along with the colors. At a DOC site in New Zealand


I enjoy the reflection of the clouds in the water


This was the last sunset of 2012 in New Zealand
The colors, the moon, the boat in Motueka 



This is one of my favorites. A DOC site in Authurs Pass
Again the colors