Dunedin, New Zealand

I’ve never been to Europe, but I would say this is the closest city like an European city. (based on pictures I’ve seen)   I mean not as elegant and rich in thousands of years in culture like Europe, but for New Zealand it was different. And I found it very adorable. And it increased my wanderlust to want to travel Europe even more. It’s a nice little city. We stayed here only 2 days I think; it was just a pass through.  There’s a nice cathedral and a train station. The only thing I really remember is visiting the Guinness world record for the steepest residential street  in the world: Baldwin Street. Which was pretty cool and something very unexpected that we did. There’s a university there, so there were a lot of places to eat at for a decent price. And during brunch a graduation ceremony was occurring; all the students and parents marched the streets and took pictures. I enjoyed their farmers market as well. Even though this is all I really did in Dunedin, it inspired me to want to visit Europe. Here’s another travel spot that can be added to list. Bon Voyage!

The Cathedral

City life with a nice sunset

Farmers Market (I miss meat pies)

The Graduation

Baldwin Street

The Train Station


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