What I envied aboard

I am not usually an envious person. But while I was back packing I can say there is seomthing I envied from everyone that I met. While I was traveling, I think I met 5 Americans on the WHV; everyone else was from another country. What I envied the most is that they were bilingual. I would sit there and be like “I just can speak English”  While they could speak their native tongue plus english with their wonderful accents of course, and I loved hearing them so much!

Which has motivated me and inspired me to learn a new language. Right now I am trying to learn French. I took a little Spanish in high school, but I want to try and learn French. I am not going to lie it is a very confusing language. But a romantic confusing one. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on learning french or just learning a new language in general?

I hope this encourages you to try something new. It may not be to learn a new lanauage. Maybe learn to play an instrument. Learn a new sport etc


Let me know what you think

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