Postcards to Myself

So what souvenirs did you get yourself? When you’re carrying ย what you need, you really don’t want to carry unnecessary things. So instead of trying to buy something from each spot I did something different for myself. I wrote myself a postcard from different cities. I was even nerdy and addressed it as Future Rachel (How I Met your Mother reference) I got the idea from a book I was reading. I forgot the title of the book, but it was really interesting. It was about a woman traveling in her thirties. So to preserves her memories she wrote herself postcards, and I thought that was the neatest idea ever. So I did it myself. I think a few got lost because when I returned home some were missing. But it was a nice surprise to read them, and what I told “future self”. ย I thought it was a fun way to keep these memories (I mean I also have the travel journal); but who doesn’t love getting snail mail? Even if it isn’t till months later.

Am I the only one who dose something like this?

I hope this encourages you to get creativity while traveling! Bon Voyage!