The Little Engine that Could

“I think I can, I think I can.” We all know that childhood story of the Little Engine that was really persistent and optimistic to get up the hill. (If you don’t, it’s a quick read; cute and inspirational) He never gave up and kept trying and eventually made it over the hill. Which is how I sort of feel about this blog… After almost one year and a half of not updating. I’m back at it. “I think I can, I think I can.” I’ve learned that I am not good at keeping a blog up to date especially when I am on the road. Also I didn’t bring my laptop this time around which made it even harder. I didn’t want to spend most of my time behind a computer as well, and I tend to write better after having my experience and reflecting on what I learn to share with everyone so I can encourage you to travel 🙂
The blue trains in India
India’s famous blue trains
So a quick synopsis of my travels. I left in January 2014 with my WHV in Australia. I spent almost a year in Sydney working at a cafe. Then, I started my trip around SouthEast Asia. Starting in the Philippines > Singapore > Malaysia > Thailand > Cambodia > Visas in Thailand > Myanmar > India > Nepal > back to India. I needed a little break, so I’m home making some more money to continue my next chapter hopefully in Europe; And to share tips and experiences as well.
Grabbing some "fast food" on the train in Myanmar on  our way to Hispaw
Grabbing some “fast food” on the train in Myanmar on our way to Hispaw
Along the lines of trains, I wanted to share something that I fell in love with as I traveled: Seat61 If you want to take the train, anywhere in the world this site will become your new best friend. This was my go to website when I used the train from Singapore to KL, KL to Thailand etc. Basically, all the countries I visited expect India. (Their trains are too confusing to put in words) He writes about train times, prices, how to obtain a ticket and other handy information. He keeps it updated with travelers emailing him relevant information. I developed a fondness for taking the train as a mode of transportation, and I am excited to say it’s one of the best ways to travel. Hopefully, this small update encourages you to be like the Little Engine and to keep you on track for you goals 🙂 Don’t forget “I think I can, I think I can”

I’m nerdy and took pictures and videos of some trains.

Here’s a short video of the scenery in Thailand as well as some pictures: Trains


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