Vivid Sydney

Trying to plan a good time to visit Sydney? Every year about the end of May till mid June, Sydney Australia looks like you’ve stepped into a kaleidoscope. For about 18 days, a festival of “light art” is shown through out the city. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be living there during that time, and it was so spectacular I want to inform you about it. Colored lights are projected onto buildings throughout the city and create this beautiful artistic atmosphere. Some places include: Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, “The Rocks” and so fourth. The con is that during this time of the year it can be a little chilly, so you won’t be experiencing the sunny beaches. The pro is that it’s FREE, and you get to explore different parts of the city during a not so busy time. For information about this year’s event, which already passed, check out Vivid Sydney 


I hope this inspires you to check out local events around you because you never know what could be happening. Or to think about heading to Sydney during their fall time.  Here’s my personal pictures of Vivid Sydney.



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