Port Douglas

Located an hour up north from Cairns is a quaint seaside city: Port Douglas. I was fortunate enough to stay in this city for a few days. I really enjoyed the quite time I had compared to Cairns. To reach this town you can catch a bus from Cairns, if you don’t have a car, which is what I did. I think it cost about $25 AUD, but I can’t remember exactly. There’s a few choices for accommodation. When I went I stayed at Global backpackers and, I paid about $30 AUD per night, but I think it was low season as well. If you plan on going during high season, accept to pay more.

The view of the beach from a nice walk on the hillside

So here’s a few things you can enjoy while you are there:

If you are in Port Douglas on Sunday, enjoy the morning at the local market. If you know me, you know how much I adore markets. Surprisingly, this is a big market for the size of the town.

Creating fresh juice

Not too far from the city center is the Wildlife Habitat . I didn’t want to leave Australia without seeing a kangaroo, and depending on what your budget is you can see some Aussie wildlife for around $30 AUD.  I don’t think that’s a bad price, since there’s quite a few animals to see, and you’re able to feed the kangaroos as well.

You’re able to food them as well!

And the main reason I wanted to go there was to lay on the beach with a good book 🙂

The view of the beach from a nice walk on the hillside

So if you’re looking for a few days to get out of Cairns I suggest heading up north to take a stop. For more pictures check out: Port Douglas. I hope this encourages you to see what else is out there!


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