As the old cliche saying goes,

You never know what you had until it’s gone.

My thoughts exactly when I think about Sydney, Australia. I only stayed there for 9 months working and really doing nothing else. But as I look back on my pictures I wish I appreciated the city more and took the time to explore it rather than work and return home. People think you can’t get into a rounite when you’re aboard, but I know I did. Thus, I took what I had for granted. So if you don’t have 9 months to spare and live aboard. I’m going to highlight a few places that you should see. If you are there in May through mid-June you should check out Vivid Sydney as well.

Of course the beloved Opera House. The iconic symbol for this amazing city. It’s just as impressive in person as well as in pictures.


Sydney Bridge another structure that should not be missed while you are there.

Chinatown is worth a visit. There’s a daily market where you can buy souvenirs for the family. And on Sunday there’s a Farmers market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well usually cheaper than the supermarket. Here’s a quick video of what you’ll hear.

Coffee is a must try while you’re visiting there as well. I’ve never been a big fan of coffee, but they are able to create a flavor where you don’t need any sugar or syrups like America.

“The Grounds” a nice brunch place, but be warned. It’s busy!

In any city it’s great to walk around and see the city center. I don’t think the city center itself is very big, and there’s nothing much to see. Darling Harbour was close to my apartment. And I loved walking across that bridge everyday to get into the city. It’s a nice hangout spot with different shops and restaurants and of course by the water.

Darling Harbour

I hope this motivates you not take where you are for granted, and appreciate your city because it probably has more gems than you think. To view more photos check out Sydney.


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