5 Random Travel Tips

As you begin plan your travels you may wonder what you should think about. If I had to compose a list to my past self from my future self these are five random tips I would tell myself:

  1. Bring half of the clothes in your suitcase. Depending on what your plans are. If your not planning on lugging a backpack around and rather plan to spend two weeks somewhere then by all means pack as much as you want. But for the others who want to do a long term travel. You won’t need it. I thought “I need [insert clothing article].” I usually wore the same thing until and smelled. And usually the people I met did the same thing. No one cared what you wore. It wasn’t a fashion statement, and if you’re moving to a new place every other day. You probably won’t see the same people again.
  2. Have a water proof bag for all things important to you. I learned this lesson the hard way. I had all my important documents safely inside my day bag inside a pocket that would be away from the rain. However, I put my journal on the top packet on my backpack. One day we took a bus in Nepal and it started to pour; our backpacks were strapped to the top of the bus. Needless to say all my stuff was stoked including my journal. It wasn’t badly damage, and I tried to dry as much as possible. So I learned my lesson to put my journal in a waterproof bag as well.
  3. Delete pictures along the way. This may seem like a silly tip, but now I have a decent amount of pictures I still need to go through. And when I start sorting through them I feel overwhelmed and want to do something else. But since I am blogging about the different places I’ve visited. I am managing to get it under control 🙂
  4. FOOD For me a big part of traveling and understanding under cultures is the food. In some countries it may look “unappealing”, but don’t diss it until you’ve tried it. You never know what your palate is missing. When I see travelers eating burgers and friends, I think how can you not embrace the flavors here. And if you don’t enjoy it then stay with the burger. At least you can say you tried it, but didn’t like the taste.
  5. People are nicer than you think. Thanks to the media we have the idea that other parts of the world people  just want to steal from us. That is far from the truth. There are always people willing to give a helping hand if you need it. So take advantage of that and I know you’ll have an interesting story to tell your friends and family about the kindness of strangers.

These are just 5 random tips I thought about the other day. I’ll keep posting more as I think of them. I hope this encourages you as you plan for your next adventure!


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