Sydney Activities

If somehow you are able to spend more time in Sydney and want to see a few more things. Here’s a list I composed of different events and activities I did  while I was there. I already wrote about Vivid Sydney and Sydney itself, but here’s a few more activities you can add to list the:


Since Sydney is known for their beaches and the sun, I’ll say if you have the time visit Bondi and Cooge beach. There’s a little trail connecting the two beaches, and on a sunny day it’s the place to be. Not only is it a sandy beach, but there’s the rocky coastline as well. A nice contrast between the two.


Blue Mountains

Next, hop on the train an head about an hour north of Sydney. Here you will find The Blue Mountains. It’s a nice weekend get away from the city, and it’s not even that far. I’m not sure exactly how many there are, but if you like trekking there are a numerous amount of trails.

The Three Sisters


Located around Sydney are a few vineyards. My friend and I went on a tour and visited a few places. If you search on Groupon, there might be a discount on a tour. That’s how we found ours. You depart from Sydney and they take you around 5 vineyards. Who doesn’t like wine tasting while enjoying a beautiful scenery ? IMG_1087

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade

Around March, you can watch the spectacular Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. It’s a FREE event, to help support the gay community. If you’re there during the time, I would highly recommande it. The atmosphere is crazy, but in a good way!14 - 60

Chinese New Years

I was lucky enough to be in Sydney during the Chinese New Years. Throughout the week, there are different events, and on the Chinese New Years they hold a big parade. Since the date changes every year, I suggest researching more about it if you’re interested in going.

I wasn’t able to capture that many good photos

Sydney Winter

During their “winter time”, they create a skating ring with some fake snow. Even thought I come from a place where it snows, it was entertaining to see them get excited over this event. rsz_img_1190

These are just of the few local events I participated in while I was there. Like any big city there’s always something going on! Check out Sydney for a list of more events. Well I hope this inspires you to check out local events in your city as well!! To see more photos of these events check out the album Sydney Activities 🙂


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