Cebu, Philippines

Last week, I wrote about swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines, so I thought I would share some things to do in  Cebu as well.


If you are a vegetarian, it may be hard to find some food because it always seemed like I was eating some kind of meat even for breakfast, but it was so delicious! If you pay a visit to the Philippines, you should try lechon. Basically a roasted pig. The crispiness of the pork skin with the tender meat, and a vinegar  sauce…. mmhhh I’m getting hungry thinking about it.


Another traditional dish I adored was halo-halo. Meaning mix-mix in Tagalog. It usually consist of ice cream, crushed ice, evaporated milk, and a variety of fruits.


Island Hopping

Since Philippines has so many islands, why not try to see a few? When I was in Oslob, I took a boat to Dumaguete. But I remember when I was younger, we rented a boat, and when island hopping around Mactan. If you look at the map, you can already see there are quite a few islands. There are many agencies who can assit you with a tour 🙂 Something I highly recommend.


Both from crossing into Dumaguete

City Center

Like any city center, it’s a hustle and bustle. Market, jeepneys, tricycles, street food etc But if you enjoy history, there are a couple places you can visit.

Inside a colorful tricycle
  • Fort San Pedro  – A military defense built by the Spaniards in the early 17th century.
  • Magellan’s Cross

About an hour north of the city center, there is a resort called Papa Kit’s marina and fishing Lagoon. It’s next to a lake and there’s heaps of actives for the whole family like: horseback riding, fishing, wakeboard, zipline, obstacle course, and wall climbing. Also if you catch some fish, you are able to eat it at their restaurant as well.


Zip lining across the lake

As I stated before, I didn’t see much in the Philippines. But these are a few things I did do that I really enjoyed 🙂 I hope this encourages you to see the world! Bon voyage!


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