A huge, clean metropolis with a population of about 5,500,000 people , surrounded by the ocean. Staying here just for 3 days wasn’t enough. I wish I headed to the beaches or country side, but here’s a list of some of the major city attractions that I saw and enjoyed:

If you asked someone from Singapore what their symbol is, they would probably reply with Merlion. The iconic half fish and half lion. Standing at about 8.6 meters (26 feet) and weighing about 70 tons, you can see the statue in Merlion Park. How did the name come about? Long ago Singapore was a fishing village called Temasek thus, the fish body represents this part. And the Lion head represents Singapura the original name of the city meaning Lion City. Therefore, creating the mythical Merlion. Fascinating story if you ask me.

The Merlion sprouting water


Art and Science Museum 
Located downtown is a wonderful building: The Art and Science Museum. Another piece of architecture that lets you know you’re in Singapore. Created by Moshe Safdie in 2011; some claim he got his inspiration from a lotus flower or others interpret it as “the welcoming hand”  of Singapore. But whichever it maybe, he created it in a sustainable way. The building collects rainwater which can be recycled in the bathrooms of the building. Pretty inspiring if you ask me!

Art and Science Museum 


The Helix Bridge 
Another interesting piece of architecture. Created in 2010 to imitate DNA; the bridge connects Marina Center with Marina South in the downtown center. I did not visit it by night, but I read that it is illuminated  with lights to help create the DNA structure.

The Helix Bridge


Singapore Flyer
Reaching about 165 meters/ 540 feet, this is one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the world. Constructed in 2008 with 28 air-condition capsules it likes you get a good view of the city. Here’s the direct link to Singapore Flyer to find out the price and other things you can do there as well like dine.

Singapore Flyer


Gardens by the Bay
 A nature park in Marina Bay with about 100 hectares/ 250 acres of land. Finished in 2012, it is a place to visit. The park has many divisions:  The Supertree Grove where you can also walk among them, the Heritage Gardens, Dragonfly Lake, two different domes the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome changes periodically.  When I went to visit, you could walk around The Supretree Grove, the Heritage Gardens, and Dragonfly Lake for free. However, you have to pay to visit the two Domes. Here’s the Gardens by the Bay website to help you plan your trip. I highly recommend visiting here. It’s a nice attraction for kids and adults.

Supretree Grove (it looks fake but I promise it’s a real photo)
Flower Dome


I personally believe any city with a Chinatown is worth visiting as well. The street food and all the little trinkets that you can find there are interesting. There’s also a temple that you can visit. But if you’re wearing a dress or shorts be prepared to cover your legs before you go inside. But it is worth a visit!


Chinatown; one of the temples I visited


Little India
Another area I alway enjoy visiting in cities are the “Little Indias”. And the one in Singapore is very colorful with shops and temples as well. Ok, they aren’t the real places, but I enjoy seeing them 🙂

Little India

I hope this article helps you as you plan your trip to Singapore, or I hope it inspires you to want to visit somewhere you’ve never been. Are there any places you recommend in Singapore? Let me know!


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