Other Blogs

Here’s a few other blogs that I enjoy. The list is not really long, but I am still searching. This will be updated when I find more I enjoy.

Seat 61
Why – If you’re looking for any information about trains, this is the man (with the help of other travelers from around the world.) One of the greatest sites I found while traveling. Very useful and easy to use about train time, estimated time, and he tries to keep it up to date.

20 Mille lieues sur la Terre
Why – A very special person I completed a majority of my travels. It’s all in French, but under Images des lieues there’s pictures that can be viewed of what I saw as well.


Why – I actually met this guy in New Zealand. He’s really nice and interesting from Czech Republic. It’s not really a blog; it’s more of a portfolio, but his pictures are amazing and very inspiring. When I personally look at them, I want to travel more.

NoMadic Matt

Why – He’s been traveling for a very long time, so he has some amazing tips. It’s also nice to see traveling from a guys point of view.  His travel style is more of a backpacker which I like.

Fluent in 3 Months

Why – I find this really inspiring; he immerses his self in the culture for 3 months to learn a new language. He gives tips on how he’s achieving this! (it makes me want a European passport, so I can visit European countries longer than 3 months)


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